The Answer I Was Looking For

In July/August of this year, I was open to a something new. The way I’d been living my life wasn’t working for me and I’d had enough. I was over emotional, unhappy and stressed. Having a few glasses of wine was the highlight of my day.

Not sure how, but I stumbled across Stoicism. I’ve had a copy of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius for a few years and had dipped into it, so it wasn’t completely alien. I began reading a little about Stoicism and what I read excited me.

It seemed to be the answer I was looking for.

For this guy who’s life had been an emotional rollercoaster in the last 18-20 months now had a blueprint for living differently. I discovered (or rediscovered) the one thing that we have control over….

Our responses.

Sometimes, the world throws shit at us. We have zero control over it.

For example, this morning, I logged on to my email and discovered someone had hacked into my Amazon account and ordered £24 worth of digital subscriptions.

Before going on this journey with Stoicism it would have got me stressed out and emotional. It would have ruined my morning. Now, this more logical me, found the Amazon customer helpline number, rang up and explained what had happened. No drama, no stress!

Already six to eight weeks in, Stoicism is changing my life for better.

Two Things To Take Away

Over the last two posts I’ve shared a little of my recent journey.

If right now you’re feeling a bit crappy about yourself and about life, that’s okay, you want to know why?

It shows you have the capacity to be better.

Think about it…

There are people who walk around who are fat, miserable and stressed, and they just accept it. They entertain no thoughts of change. Yet you, you have those thoughts, because you have the capacity to be better.

In my journey I started with making changes in my physical health. I began to drink more water, cut back on alcohol and sugary foods and exercise. This empowered me to begin to think more about my mental and emotional health and search for answers in this area.

In my next post, I’m gonna talk about what Fatass To Baddass is all about.

The Best Days Are In Front of You,

Keith Claridge

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