9 Secrets For Building A Powerful Foundation For Living (Part One)

This is a follow up to a blog post I wrote last week. It was about making the shift from a foolish man to a wise man.

I talked about how our foundations are integral to the life experience we have.

Today, I’m gonna share five of the nine secrets that will assist you in building a powerful foundation that can withstand the storms of life.

The great thing here is that we can work on upgrading our foundation at anytime.

Our Foundation Isn’t Fixed

These secrets will be a mixture of being and doing. Both aspects are important and require balance. It is very easy to get caught up in one or the other, but for transformation to happen we need both.


How To Create a Badass Mindset

Sometimes our mindset goes down the pan. Life gets in the way and we lose our focus. We sometimes don’t even notice until it’s too late. How do we get back to a right and powerful mindset? What is a right and powerful mindset? In this post we’re gonna look at the difference between a fatass mindset and a badass mindset.

The Opposite of A Badass Mindset

My mindset for a long while was the opposite of a strong and powerful mindset because I allowed myself to take the mindset of a victim. I allowed myself to take on a mindset that made me weak, stressed out and increased my depressive state.

I’d walked out of a job after a falling out with someone. The falling out also meant I’d fell out with my friendship group. On top of that two of my other closest friends had or were about to move away.

It was all too much for me and led me into a deep depressive straight that I struggled with for just under two years.

I’ll say it now and I’ll say it in other posts… depression itself isn’t about mindset. It’s not about snapping out of it or getting or grip or any other lame platitude. Depression is serious, if you think your suffering from depression, get some medical support. That was my first step, working on my brain chemicals, stabilising my moods. After that I became aware of my mindset and that it wasn’t working for me.

The Power Of Mindset

Mindset directs our path in life and determines our focus, our habits, our response to life.

Shitty mindset = shitty focus, shitty habits, shitty responses.

Powerful mindset = powerful focus, powerful habits, powerful responses.

I know which result I want and I’m sure I know which mindset you would prefer.

What Is A Fatass Mindset?

A fatass mindset is weak willed. It’s in victim mode and causes a person to be problem focused. It’s reactive and emotional. It constricts rather than empowering expansion. It’s causes inaction and overwhelm. It worries about what other people are thinking and is often passive aggressive towards situations and people.

What Is A Badass Mindset?

A badass mindset is a state of mind that inspires confident action. It doesn’t lay down to feelings. It presses forward and is solution focused. It stays on it’s path and doesn’t concern itself with other people’s opinions. It focuses on expansion and growth. It doesn’t play victim, villain or hero. and doesn’t play other people’s games. It stands up for itself.

Tips For a Badass Mindset

  1. Read books that positively affect how you think and feel about life
  2. Become aware of how you are reacting and responding to the world
  3. Cultivate stillness and silence in you life
  4. Act confidently
  5. Instead of thinking of the problem, begin to think about what the answer is
  6. Take action in life.
  7. Be more in

Creating a badass mindset is a journey, one we take every day. Some days will be exceptional and other days we may slip into our old ways. It’s okay to not be perfect. It’s moving forward that counts. The journey forward in life isn’t a straight line, it’s more “squiggly”!

Your Best Days Are in Front of You,


7 Great Habits To Help You Transform From Fatass to Badass

When I was in deep depression my habits were poor. My 7 Great habits were: overthinking, too much drinking, eating “comfort” food, speaking negatively, over reacting to everything and watching a lot of tv. As I write this it’s no surprise I stayed depressed, because all those habits are not going to help a depressed person feel better!

It was only when I began to change what I was doing daily that something changed inside of me.

I began to feel different.

My habits created a different feeling. My feelings began to change my mind state.


The Answer I Was Looking For

In July/August of this year, I was open to a something new. The way I’d been living my life wasn’t working for me and I’d had enough. I was over emotional, unhappy and stressed. Having a few glasses of wine was the highlight of my day.

Not sure how, but I stumbled across Stoicism. I’ve had a copy of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius for a few years and had dipped into it, so it wasn’t completely alien. I began reading a little about Stoicism and what I read excited me.

It seemed to be the answer I was looking for.

For this guy who’s life had been an emotional rollercoaster in the last 18-20 months now had a blueprint for living differently. I discovered (or rediscovered) the one thing that we have control over….

Our responses.

Sometimes, the world throws shit at us. We have zero control over it.


The Beginning

Every journey starts with a beginning. Kinda obvious really!

I’ve been on a few inner journeys in the past. But this one started about two months ago.

Honestly, I’ve been unhappy for the best part of two years. I’ve been emotionally a wreck. My physical health has been average. My personal habits have been poor.

This journey began with the decision that I wanted to cut down my drinking and lose a bit of weight before my recent trip to Las Vegas.

I set myself a forty day challenge which I shared on Facebook everyday. I decided to eat more nutritiously (I HATE the term healthily), drink two litres of water every day, eat no sugary food, exercise every day, not to eat past 8pm and drink alcohol once a week.