7 Great Habits To Help You Transform From Fatass to Badass

When I was in deep depression my habits were poor. My 7 Great habits were: overthinking, too much drinking, eating “comfort” food, speaking negatively, over reacting to everything and watching a lot of tv. As I write this it’s no surprise I stayed depressed, because all those habits are not going to help a depressed person feel better!

It was only when I began to change what I was doing daily that something changed inside of me.

I began to feel different.

My habits created a different feeling. My feelings began to change my mind state.


Fatass to Badass Journey: The Beginning

I’m gonna talk from my own Fatass to Badass personal experience here. It’s a journey I’m still on, I’m not yet at the badass stage. I’m – like all of us – a work in progress. Can we ever truly arrive?

The journey may seem long. It may feel difficult. The thought of it could be overwhelming. For me I started at 19lbs over what my first target is.

Any journey starts with one step and then continues step by step. I like to think of one step as one day. Each night we go to bed we’ve completed one step. Simple.

The only step to “worry” about is the step you’re on.

Start With What?

Feeling badass starts with our physical health. When I started this journey my mental and emotional health were a mess too, but I choose to start with my physical health. The reason? Focusing on our physical health gets us out of our heads. It breaks the pattern that often we find our selves in. With depression it feels like your stuck in your head, full of unhelpful and destructive thoughts.