Stop Waiting For Permission To Be You

You don’t need permission to be you.

You’re waiting for someone to give it to you as if once permission is given, you can go and truly be you and life will be wonderful.

Here’s the secret.

The one thing most people never figure out.

The permission comes from…

Your soul.

The deepest, most true-est part of you.

When you’re connected to your soul, the permission is there. In fact, permission no longer becomes an issue.

You just begin to do you at a whole new level.

The big but…

There’s a fear inside that maybe you’re not good enough, isn’t there?

You need someone to tell you that you’re good enough.

But no one can give you that validation. Only you can do that. Only you can make the decision you’re good enough.

How Do You Get There?

You gotta take some time to cultivate the relationship you have with yourself.

Switch off the noise.

Social media,

All the drama,



Incessant over thinking.

Take some time in silence,



Sit in the quiet,

Begin to listen to that deepest, true-est part of you, bypassing your noisy, easily distracted mind.

The Side Effects of Being You



More serenity,

Increased confidence.

A more enjoyable life experience.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

To enjoy the life we have.

Who wants to be miserable for 60, 70, 80 plus years?

Do you think you were born to be miserable?

Enough Already


Decide you’re enough.

Give yourself permission to be you.

Start small.

Do the things that make you happy.

Say no to the things that make you unhappy.

Express yourself in the way you want to express yourself.

The permission is inside you!


Soul Renegade

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