Soul Renegade Coaching

For those who are ready to go deeper into their truth

  • Are you ready to live a more authentic life?
  • Are you fed up of following the rules?
  • Do you get the sense there is more to life and more to you?
  • Are you ready to transform?

Soul Renegade is twelve week coaching experience that will support you to transform, to go past the superficiality of the mainstream. To drop into your truth and create a life experience that is in alighment with who you are at your soul level.

Why I Don’t Use The Word Program?

Programs are rigid and follow a strict structure. It’s not personalised.

What I offer is a unique experience for each client.

How can I be so bold?

When two people have a conversation something new is created. Both people bring their ideas, thoughts, stories, and insights.

They bounce of each other.

They create something brand new.

Something magical happens.

Yes, we will have an outline and some goals, but I will not use a sterile, generalised program that wasn’t designed with you in mind.

If you want to work with me and

  • Create your transformation
  • Stop living a lie
  • Discover who you are deep down

The investment is £550 (approx $675 as of 13/5/20) and I invite you to click the buy now button to get started: