Next Level of My Journey (Personal)

I started this blog last year talking about my journey that at that time I called Fatass to Badass.

It was based on my my physical habits and getting back into physical shape, which had a knock on effect on my mental and emotional health.

As I continued to grow and evolve I realised I was back in the place where I was ready to coach again.

Not sure if you know, but two years ago I closed my budding coaching business, because I fell into a deep depression.

I couldn’t coach or lead myself. Kinda the number one rule for a coach!

At that time I didn’t know if I would ever coach again.

I was in survival mode. Getting through the day and the week was the only thing I could focus on.

The Light At the End of the Tunnel

Last year, I started to focus on my physical health. I wanted to lose weight before my holiday to Vegas.

It had side effects of improving my mental and emotional health, while creating clarity.

I began to start reading self improvement books again

I had some deep insights into my life experience, where I had gone wrong and where I needed to change my thinking.

To bring the story upto the last couple of months, I relaunched my coaching business with the name Soul Renegade.

Why Soul Renegade?

Soul Renegade is a phrase that popped into my head in January.

Immediately, I was drawn to it. It resonated with me.

I’ve always been drawn to the deeper aspects of life.

I was brought up with Christianity and embraced it for most of my life.

And passionately lived it. So much so, that my goal was to be a Minister.

In my early twenties and thirties I went through a few problems which ended my relationship with Church, Christianity and God. Depression hit me hard and I had issues in my marriage.

I walked away from my Church. It also felt like they walked away from me.

But I digress, let’s pull this back on topic.

The soul is the place our truest self lives. It’s where our deepest truth resides.

From Christianity remains my interest in the deeper aspects of life. In that part of life we can’t see.

Our society doesn’t recognise or honour this part of us. It ignores it. Focusing on money, consumption and fear.

It mostly sees spirituality and talk of the soul as antiquated and old fashioned. Relics of a more primitive time

Yet mental and emotional health issues are more and more common…

Is it because we are divorced from our soul?

Where did Renegade come from?

I’ve always loved the idea of a rebel.

It’s an archetype that has always resonated in my heart.

I’m often drawn to the character of the rebel.

And that’s exactly what a Renegade is.

A rebel.

But not a rebel for the sake of it.

A rebel with a cause. With passion. With purpose.

So a Soul Renegade is someone who lives from their deeper truths and refuses to follow the status quo, but follows their own rules.

Soul Renegade is an invitation to be you…

to think about the life experience you want

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then let’s talk (Reach out to me on Facebook).


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