My Life Philosophy

Kindness and Simplicity are at the centre of my life philosophy.

Kindness is how I choose to live my life and I take fulfilment from being kind to others. I used to struggle with the difference of being nice and being kind until I came to this conclusion. Being nice is a passive way of being. Kindness is active, it is assertive, it is a decision. Kindness is a strength. Niceness is weak and drippy.

I love being kind to people and I think kindness helps the world be a better place. Being kind helps my world be a better place.

An important aspect of kindness that is often lost is kindness includes our self. People who have a kind heart often are givers, they focus on others, forgetting themself. Putting themself last.

There are various versions of the saying, “You can’t serve from an empty cup”. I believe this to be 100% true.

If I don’t look after myself -take care of me first- then I can’t show up powerfully in the world. I can’t live out the value of kindness to my fullest.

I can always tell when I’m out of balance when I begin to act harshly towards others and become more judgemental. It’s a sign I need to take time for me and get back to being centred in my truth.

Complication Sucks!

The second value I mentioned in the first sentence is simplicity.

My belief is over-complication puts up obstacles in doing.

I see it and read it often.

To do X you have to follow a, b, c, d, e, f and g! Creating hoops to jump through.

When things seem over-complicated I’m immediately put off and seek new insight, information or instruction.

I feel life, at its core, is simple. We make it complicated. I think it comes from ego. If we don’t get something done, “Oh well, it was really hard” gives us an out and protects our ego OR

We do it and it so complicated and difficult we must be so awesome – ego massaged!

I think the simpler we make things the better and the more true they are.

An example of this is -and it’s tripped me up in the past- is meditation.

There are so many different ways and schools of thought. You can read and study it for hours, but at the end of the day, meditation is simply about stillness, quieting your mind and shifting our focus internally.

You make a start by sitting down and being quiet. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

Sure there are other techniques to delve into that can aid your practice., but at the end of the day, the basics are simple.

Exercising is another habit that is overly complicated.

Creating rules and structure and routines that hurt my head just thinking about them.

You want to start exercising… move your body more. Do a few press-ups, go for a walk or jog. It isn’t hard.

Simplicity is power. Simplicity inspires action. Action creates change. Change becomes transformation.

Being Congruent

Kindness and simplicity…

…the two values that are important to me and how I choose to live my life (most of the time!) These are the indicators that I’m living congruently. When I’m not being kind or over complicating matters, having the awareness draws me back to who I am when I’m living rightly.

What values are at the centre of your life philosophy?

Live From Soul. Live Your Purpose.


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