Making The Shift: From The Foolish Man To The Wise Man

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Facebook around the story of the Wise and Foolish man (you can read it here).

For those, who don’t know, the story comes from The Bible and, in nutshell, it’s about one man who built his house on rocks and another who built his house on sand. When the storms came in, the house on rocks stood strong and the house on the sand was washed away.

I realised that for a long time I had built my house (my life) on sand. I didn’t even realise it!

Every time I tried to create something awesome it would come crashing down. This has been a cycle in my life for the past few years, both in business and life. I was building on a foundation of sand. When life’s storms come -and they do- it all came crashing down.

We can’t build anything great, if we’ve neglected our foundation.

What Is Our Foundation?

Our foundation consists of these four components

  • Our Beliefs
  • Our Daily Practices (habits)
  • Our Mindset
  • Our Weaknesses

Our beliefs determine how we relate to the world and how we relate to self. They determine how we show up in the world.

Political beliefs, religious beliefs and beliefs about the nature of the universe all impact our life. We may not even realise it, because they are so entrenched within us, they have become a part of us.

Our daily practices or habits greatly influence the life we are creating.

On a very basic level, someone who drinks beer, eats processed food and watches Netflix all day, every day is creating a different life to someone, who eats nutritious food, exercises and reads personal development books. They are going in different directions.

Our mindset, how we think, how we react, the authority we take over our internal conversation is another huge influencer in our foundation.

Taking this at a very basic level again; some people have a positive mindset others have a negative mindset.

The difference between, “Yay! Another day!” and “Same shit different day”.

The difference between responding and reacting.

Our weaknesses have a great effect on our foundation. It’s important to understand and have an awareness around our weaknesses.

Personally, I’ve struggled with depression in the past and alcohol abuse. To protect my foundation, I have to be aware if I’m dipping towards depression and take action, I also need to be mindful of my alcohol intake. Both of these can erode my foundation if left unchecked.

One thing I would like to share right now before we move on is our foundation isn’t permanent, it is fluid, it is forever changing. We can strengthen our foundation and we can weaken our foundation.

Building a Solid Foundation

I want to share ten practical tips to help you build a solid a foundation

  1. Spend your first 30-60 minutes away from social media
  2. Invest some time every day in learning and expanding
  3. Meditate
  4. Journal
  5. Exercise & Nutrition
  6. Be mindful of the internal conversation and the words you’re speaking to yourself
  7. Work on your weaknesses
  8. Understand the difference between responding and reacting
  9. Recognise this a daily process

In the next post, I’m gonna dig into these 9 tips.

Live From Soul. Live From Purpose.


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