Making The Shift: From The Foolish Man To The Wise Man

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Facebook around the story of the Wise and Foolish man (you can read it here).

For those, who don’t know, the story comes from The Bible and, in nutshell, it’s about one man who built his house on rocks and another who built his house on sand. When the storms came in, the house on rocks stood strong and the house on the sand was washed away.

I realised that for a long time I had built my house (my life) on sand. I didn’t even realise it!

Every time I tried to create something awesome it would come crashing down. This has been a cycle in my life for the past few years, both in business and life. I was building on a foundation of sand. When life’s storms come -and they do- it all came crashing down.

We can’t build anything great, if we’ve neglected our foundation.


Fear Fear Fear (video)

Kinda obvious what this is gonna be about, right!

I recorded this the other day.

(No editing, screw being professional. Just wanting to be me)

Let me know what you think!


An Alternative Way of Looking at Life

This is the way my thinking is evolving and has been for a while now.

We can look at life as a whole – an over arching story – our past, our present and our future.

For me, my past aint that good as a whole.

Lotta mistakes, a few hurts, and episodes of poor mental health.

I don’t want this story to continue this way.

Most people, including the past versions of me, don’t live with the awareness that life can be different. They might intellectually know it, and have heard of people who have changed their lives (AKA their stories), but…

… they don’t believe it in their hearts.

Legitimising their belief system with thoughts like,


Next Level of My Journey (Personal)

I started this blog last year talking about my journey that at that time I called Fatass to Badass.

It was based on my my physical habits and getting back into physical shape, which had a knock on effect on my mental and emotional health.

As I continued to grow and evolve I realised I was back in the place where I was ready to coach again.

Not sure if you know, but two years ago I closed my budding coaching business, because I fell into a deep depression.

I couldn’t coach or lead myself. Kinda the number one rule for a coach!

At that time I didn’t know if I would ever coach again.

I was in survival mode. Getting through the day and the week was the only thing I could focus on.

The Light At the End of the Tunnel


The Hardest Thing to Accept in the World is…

that happiness is within us.

That it’s an internal thing.

That it’s a decision.

We’ve programmed by society and consumerism.

Happiness is a feeling that is out there. We have to buy their product to make us happy.

We look for false highs.

We seek the next thing that will make us happy.

We’re constantly looking for something or someone to make us happy.


The One Thing It Took Me Too Long To Find Out

I went through nearly all my life struggling.

Not getting what I want.

Getting stuck.

Being unhappy, being fat, being broke.

I couldn’t work out what was wrong, why I kept going around in circles.

The truth is…

Life was trying to teach me something.

The something that is the most important lesson in life.


Stop Waiting For Permission To Be You

You don’t need permission to be you.

You’re waiting for someone to give it to you as if once permission is given, you can go and truly be you and life will be wonderful.

Here’s the secret.

The one thing most people never figure out.

The permission comes from…


Just Be You!

JUST BE YOU! can be the worst advice. Why? Most of us don’t really know who we actually are. what our parents said to us, what the media tells us we should be, and a memory of our failings.


Lessons From My Recent Dip Into Depression

Two Sundays ago, I suddenly dipped into depression. I’m not 100% what caused it. I’d had a good weekend. My life situation hadn’t changed. I just plummeted.

Maybe I’m slightly glossing over the truth (as I think about it).

I’ve been out of work for a few weeks as my previous job offer fell through and I had couple of interviews on the Monday. Neither of them where ideally what I wanted to do, but like us all, I need money coming in so I can pay bills and enjoy life, right?

So, I think the trigger was knowing that I was going for job interviews that I wasn’t excited about it. I also think that I was a bit down on myself. You see, I’ve done lots of different things in my life and I’ve never really doubled down on one particular skill. It’s left my a kind of Jack of many trades and master of none.

I think all of this was going on in my head and I let the conversation bring me right down.

How Did I Get Through My Mini Depression?

I manged to lift myself out of my depressive funk within three and a half days, instead of letting it continue and get worse.

This is how…

Acceptance. I accepted how I felt instead of fighting and struggling. This is a subtle art, because there is a danger of completely entering into your depression. The trick here is to be an observer of the depression rather than identifying with it. The difference between, “I feel depressed” and “I am depressed”. There is a subtle but definite difference between both phases.

Allow yourself to do what you need to do. For me, it was pizza and beer. Again we often fight things that we label as bad. We create an internal struggle that consumes our energy and keeps us stuck. Being stuck is what we want to avoid, we want to move through this feeling.

Set a time limit. Allow yourself a period of time to feel how you feel and give yourself a cut off point. Say to yourself, “On *day* I’m gonna move on.”

For me, I allowed myself until Thursday, then I started my Daily Do’s again. Eating nutritiously, drinking water, cooking and exercising. I stopped with the pizza and the beer.

Depression And Intentional Living

The underlying principle in what I’ve shared here is intentional living; us shaping our life, rather than life shaping us. Most people practise passive living, they allow life to happen to them and react to it.

Intentional living is about creating our life experience. We can do this with the (so-called) good and (so-called) bad, by us taking ownership and responsibility for our situation and how we handle it.

Your Best Days Are in Front of You,

Keith Claridge