The Past Doesn’t Have To Control Us (A Minute With Keith)

The past sometimes casts a dark shadow over our lives.

We feel defined by it. We allow it to colour our present and future.

Does it have to?

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Live from Soul. Live Your Purpose.


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My Life Philosophy

Kindness and Simplicity are at the centre of my life philosophy.

Kindness is how I choose to live my life and I take fulfilment from being kind to others. I used to struggle with the difference of being nice and being kind until I came to this conclusion. Being nice is a passive way of being. Kindness is active, it is assertive, it is a decision. Kindness is a strength. Niceness is weak and drippy.

I love being kind to people and I think kindness helps the world be a better place. Being kind helps my world be a better place.

An important aspect of kindness that is often lost is kindness includes our self. People who have a kind heart often are givers, they focus on others, forgetting themself. Putting themself last.

There are various versions of the saying, “You can’t serve from an empty cup”. I believe this to be 100% true.


An Alternative Perspective On Health

What if physical health is a result of the relationship you have with your body?

What if mental health is a results of the relationship you have with your mind?

What if emotional health is the results of the relationship you have with your feelings?

It could change how you act, how you think, how you process?

In any relationship there has to be communication, each side of the relationship has to appreciate the other.

How are we appreciate and communicating with our bodies, minds and feelings?


Making The Shift: From The Foolish Man To The Wise Man

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Facebook around the story of the Wise and Foolish man (you can read it here).

For those, who don’t know, the story comes from The Bible and, in nutshell, it’s about one man who built his house on rocks and another who built his house on sand. When the storms came in, the house on rocks stood strong and the house on the sand was washed away.

I realised that for a long time I had built my house (my life) on sand. I didn’t even realise it!

Every time I tried to create something awesome it would come crashing down. This has been a cycle in my life for the past few years, both in business and life. I was building on a foundation of sand. When life’s storms come -and they do- it all came crashing down.

We can’t build anything great, if we’ve neglected our foundation.


Fear Fear Fear (video)

Kinda obvious what this is gonna be about, right!

I recorded this the other day.

(No editing, screw being professional. Just wanting to be me)

Let me know what you think!


An Alternative Way of Looking at Life

This is the way my thinking is evolving and has been for a while now.

We can look at life as a whole – an over arching story – our past, our present and our future.

For me, my past aint that good as a whole.

Lotta mistakes, a few hurts, and episodes of poor mental health.

I don’t want this story to continue this way.

Most people, including the past versions of me, don’t live with the awareness that life can be different. They might intellectually know it, and have heard of people who have changed their lives (AKA their stories), but…

… they don’t believe it in their hearts.

Legitimising their belief system with thoughts like,


Next Level of My Journey (Personal)

I started this blog last year talking about my journey that at that time I called Fatass to Badass.

It was based on my my physical habits and getting back into physical shape, which had a knock on effect on my mental and emotional health.

As I continued to grow and evolve I realised I was back in the place where I was ready to coach again.

Not sure if you know, but two years ago I closed my budding coaching business, because I fell into a deep depression.

I couldn’t coach or lead myself. Kinda the number one rule for a coach!

At that time I didn’t know if I would ever coach again.

I was in survival mode. Getting through the day and the week was the only thing I could focus on.

The Light At the End of the Tunnel


The Hardest Thing to Accept in the World is…

that happiness is within us.

That it’s an internal thing.

That it’s a decision.

We’ve programmed by society and consumerism.

Happiness is a feeling that is out there. We have to buy their product to make us happy.

We look for false highs.

We seek the next thing that will make us happy.

We’re constantly looking for something or someone to make us happy.