Fatass to Badass Journey: The Beginning

I’m gonna talk from my own Fatass to Badass personal experience here. It’s a journey I’m still on, I’m not yet at the badass stage. I’m – like all of us – a work in progress. Can we ever truly arrive?

The journey may seem long. It may feel difficult. The thought of it could be overwhelming. For me I started at 19lbs over what my first target is.

Any journey starts with one step and then continues step by step. I like to think of one step as one day. Each night we go to bed we’ve completed one step. Simple.

The only step to “worry” about is the step you’re on.

Start With What?

Feeling badass starts with our physical health. When I started this journey my mental and emotional health were a mess too, but I choose to start with my physical health. The reason? Focusing on our physical health gets us out of our heads. It breaks the pattern that often we find our selves in. With depression it feels like your stuck in your head, full of unhelpful and destructive thoughts.

Before I go any further I want you to know without any doubt, I’m not a doctor. This my advice, from my own fatass to badass journey. Always consult your doctor before starting any physical exercise.

Let’s carry on…

I’m gonna lay out three daily objectives.

  1. Drink two litres of water a day.

Build up to two if you have to.

Drink a big glass in the morning.

Buy a two litre container OR use a beer glass that holds 500 mls and fill it up 4 times during the day.

Once you get into the habit or drinking two litres of water it’s not hard at all.

  • 2. Cut down on alcohol and sugary food.

Not only will it cut down on calories, which will kick start a weight loss it will make you feel better mentally.

When I cut down my drinking to one day a week and cut out sugary food I began to feel more positive and I felt more clear headed. It was like a fog had lifted. It was the difference between night and day.

  • 3. Start exercising

Start small.

A lot of people start massive and eventually give up because once that initial motivation wears off, people feel resistant, they’ve done too much too quick. It becomes a burden, instead of being pleasurable.

Start small and build. That’s how I’ve down it time and time again. Even when I came back from two weeks in Vegas I built my exercise volume up.

How small?

Start with the goal of a couple of press ups every day. Or maybe a five minute walk around the block. Maybe ten jumping jacks.

The goal is that it’s easy. No resistance.

Your Fatass to Badass Journey Has No Off Days

Do this every day.

The idea is to start slow, so your new badass habits are sustainable.

If one day you feel like blasting out fifty press ups or going for a thirty minute walk, DO IT.

Remember, your goal isn’t to do that every day day. The next day you can go back to 5 press ups or a 5 minute walk.

We’re creating your foundation for change from fatass to badass.

Your Best Days Are In Front Of You,


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