9 Secrets For Building A Powerful Foundation For Living (Part Two)

Foundation is everything. We can’t build anything amazing and worthwhile without a solid personal foundation.

In part one, I shared with you five secrets to help you build your foundation.

Here Are The Next Four

Being mindful of the internal conversations you have.

How do you speak to yourself?

Lovingly? Harshly? Accusing? Negatively or Positively?

We can’t transform in a negative, critical environment.

The conversations aka the thoughts we have in our head determine our mindset.

Without awareness, we let our thoughts bubble up, we entertain them -we believe them- without any thought to the question…

… “do I want this thought?”


“Is this helpful?”

We are taught so solely to identify with our thoughts as if they are us. As if our thoughts are our voice and they are 100% true. But we are not.

There are two ways to view what is going on in our head (our mind)

1. We are not our thoughts, we are the awareness behind our thoughts. We are the perceiver behind the thoughts. Another way to put it is the reader of our thoughts.

2. Our thoughts are another sense, like seeing, hearing etc. Thoughts are a way of interpreting the world and what is going on around us. Thoughts are connected with feeling. Just like we have authority over our five physical senses, we have authority over our thoughts.

We have the power to create a healthy thought life.

We can create an internal environment where transformation can happen.

Understand the difference between responding and reacting.

This is linked with what I’ve shared above about our thoughts.

It’s a powerful mind shift.

So what is the difference?

Reacting is acting without thinking, often from an ingrained pattern of behaviour. Responding is choosing how to act in any given situation.

It’s the difference between flying off the handle when someone angers you and taking a moment to think if and how you want to reply.

Reacting is purely emotional, responding is thought plus emotion.

Recognise this is a daily process.

Building a powerful foundation isn’t a one time decision. It ism’t something we do in a dyay. It’s something we focus on each day. Putting practices in place every day to remould our foundation. As I said in part one, our foundation is not fixed.


our foundation can crumble or weaken.

This is why it is a daily process or -to use a different word- focus.

Let’s Be Honest These Aren’t Really Secrets

What I’ve shared here in the second part, as well as the first part, aren’t really secrets. They’re habits we forget. We’re mesmerised by “life hacks” and fancy new tricks that promise an instant result in super quick time.

The truth is that these nine techniques and tips I’ve shared with you work when we consistently implement them.

Over to you!

And remember –

Live From Soul, Live With Purpose,


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