7 Great Habits To Help You Transform From Fatass to Badass

When I was in deep depression my habits were poor. My 7 Great habits were: overthinking, too much drinking, eating “comfort” food, speaking negatively, over reacting to everything and watching a lot of tv. As I write this it’s no surprise I stayed depressed, because all those habits are not going to help a depressed person feel better!

It was only when I began to change what I was doing daily that something changed inside of me.

I began to feel different.

My habits created a different feeling. My feelings began to change my mind state.

What’s Working Right Now?

This blog is to share what has worked and is working for me now. These 7 great habits are the ones I’m using and have been using consistently. They will help you feel better, healthier and aid you on your journey.

Fatass to Badass is a journey and it’s about being badass in body, mind and spirit.

They are mostly low or no cost habits, for that reason you can get started with some of them right away today.

  • Move Daily

Yes, I mean exercise, but I wanted to bypass all those thoughts of struggle that come up when we hear the word exercise.

Move daily is simple.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym.

Go for a walk, do a few sets of push ups. Do some weights (if you really want to). Above all, DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY.

Currently, I spend about 18-20 minutes walking and/or jogging in the morning. I do eight sets of bodyweight exercises, Monday through Friday and two or three at weekends.

  • Drink more water

Let’s be real, most people don’t drink enough water. It tastes boring when compared to all the other options we have. But water is important and has huge health benefits so consequently you’re gonna feel better.

I aim for minimum two litres a day, to help you can buy two litre water bottles from Amazon. Fill it up and drink a few mouthfuls throughout the day. As you get used to drinking water, you’ll drink even more than two litres.

  • Eat whole foods

We’re so used to eat processed food in the West, that it has become natural. Some of it doesn’t even resemble real food, because it’s created in a factory and futhermore, it’s often stripped of nutrients AND has lots of salt and other crap put in.

What is a whole food? It’s a food that is close to what it looks like in nature. For example, fruit, vegetables, meat.

You know, before we stick it in a microwave meal or put breadcrumbs on it etc!

  • Learn how to cook

Cooking may seem difficult. It may seem complicated, but it isn’t as complicated as people think. I cook most nights and the dishes I prepare are mostly one pot dishes.

I was talking to someone yesterday explaining that a lot of cooking around the world is quite similar, just different veg and seasonings, but the methodology is the same.

Learn how to cook the basics like chilli, how to cook and season meat, how to prepare a stew, how to make a great tasting pasta sauce, interesting ways of cooking vegetables (roasting, stir frying etc).

Can you tell cooking is a passion of mine?

Three More…

  • Spend some time in quiet

Life is full of noise. Music, tv and social media. We’re surrounded by distractions. Take some time out of the noise. Spend some time with you.

Meditation, yoga, walking, even just sitting down for ten minutes with a cup of tea.

The truth is most of us don’t know our self and therefore are scared at what we’ll find. We all have our skeletons and dark places we don’t want to confront. I believe we have to, to allow us to heal and then move forward in life.

  • Educate yourself

We either are expanding or contracting. I think we should always be learning something. Doesn’t need to be serious study. For example, I’m always googling about new recipes and cooking tips. I often google about different body weight exercises.

We can read, watch documentaries, listen to audio. There are different ways we can expand and grow as human beings.

I feel that learning is essential to who we are as humans and men.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel confident

This might sound weird to some men, women are more used to the idea of wearing clothes for confidence. For men clothes are more functional.

But I tell you something, this is a simple trick to improving confidence. Even properly fitted jeans make you feel better.

It’s not about wearing a suit and tie, it’s about quality and more importantly fit. This is something else I could write a lot about. Maybe, I’ll write about it another time.

Here’s a very simple tip…. When you’re looking for a new item of clothes, try on the next size down. See how it feels, see how it looks. Most men wear a size too big and as a result don’t look as good as they could.

Which of the 7 Great Habits Are You Gonna Start With?

You now know the 7 great habits that I’ve found helpful in my personal journey going from Fatass to Badass and similarly they’ll assist you on your journey.

I hope you’ve find them useful and empowering.

You can reach out to me on Facebook at Keith Claridge if you have any questions (or even if you just want to say hi).

Which habits are you gonna start today?

Your Best Days are Ahead of You,

Keith Claridge

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